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Welcome to the Medical Transcription Company

Health care sector in the last decade has experienced enormous change permitting transparency, access and accessibility of treatment and care. Medical transcription service is the most concrete way to establish how healthcare sector is evolving digitally. Regardless of their contribution in helping healthcare offices and medical professionals, finding the right medical transcription service supplier can be an overwhelming undertaking. We know the basic need of accuracy and quick turnaround to make ourselves a conspicuous name among the nation's most exceedingly assessed medical transcription services.

We leave no stone unturned to avoid internal failure process so that there is noteworthy accuracy in all our transcription services. Every last document is physically written by an experienced transcriptionist group with a through QA testing methodology. Each such record is then processed for modification under the supervision of a relegated editor who audits each document totally.

What is so special about our Medical Transcription Company?

We give really cutting edge medical transcription outsourcing service guaranteeing quick delivery and 100% accuracy. Our optimized process and zero adaptation to non-critical failure helps improving medical service and diminishing expenses for the association. To maintain documentation effectiveness and accuracy we are now approached by almost every healthcare sector of the nation.


Whether in respect of enlisting professionals or for helping customers to find the qualified professional for a position, in all respects we have a client driven and genuine approach to manage the task. We are helping numerous clients for regulatory and other healthcare positions.


Features of Medical Transcription Service

High quality medical transcription service needs a top to bottom comprehension of the healthcare business and clinical process. Because of our long years of involvement in the business and steady quality center we can deliver quick transcription service with minimum deficiencies.


• We promise delivering exact transcripts with a short turnaround time, often within the same business day or a couple of hours.
• We make full-text quests to get to the transcripts from online records.
• We give E-Signature highlight to take into consideration HIPAA approval.
• Respective transcription tasks are taken care of by devoted record directors.
• We maintain HIPAA norms all through our process.

How do we satisfy our clients?

Our medical transcription company comprehends the difficulties confronted by medical experts with legitimate planning, proficient and auspicious documentation, precise billing, and successful revenue administration. Our software has been produced through close contact with doctors who hone under a scope of conditions. We give straightforward and adjustable answers for these difficulties, bringing about better patient care paying little heed to size, work flow, specialization and area.


Satisfying our central goal of giving quality, customer specific services coordinating the most noteworthy professional norms and morals require consistence and innovations, as well as a devoted regulatory and operational group. With due industriousness and careful quality, we give every customer a complete transcription and dictation arrangement, concentrating on customer needs and prerequisites.


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