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Medical Transcription Outsourcing


DT System is an internationally renowned medical transcription outsourcing company that has successfully completed several transcription projects over the years. Our rich experience of working with clients based in various fields allows us to understand requirements of any customer within a short time. More specifically, we have worked with clients based in law firms, IT companies, hospitals, private nursing homes, research institutes and universities. Since our launch, we have successfully transcribed more than 30,000 hours. We are proud of the fact that every client who has collaborated with us has been satisfied with the quality of Medical Transcription Outsourcing service provided by us.


Medical Transcription Outsourcing Team

We believe that the team of a Medical Transcription Outsourcing is critical for its growth and success. This is the reason why we have been extremely careful in creating our team. Currently, our team consists of several transcriptionists, editors, quality analysts and account managers. We ensure that our potential employees possess at least 2-7 years of experience (depending on the respective positions) before they join our company. Post joining, it is mandatory for them to undergo an in-house training session so that they can become familiar with our work culture, goals and ethics of the company.

Medical Transcription Outsourcing Goal

• To qualitatively and flawlessly transcribe the reports as sent by the client.
• To ensure that the work is complete within the stated deadline.
• To make sure that clients are satisfied with quality of our work. In rare cases of client issues, we redo the entire project for free! For the convenience of customers, we also offer a free trial scheme. Customers can opt for this scheme and decide whether to continue collaborating with us or not.
• To ensure that quality aspect of the project isn’t compromised with in any situation.
• To protect confidentiality of the data. For avoiding any unwanted incidents, we have equipped our data centers with hi-tech surveillance cameras, round-the-clock security systems, smoke alarm and fire suppression machines. Furthermore, employees working at the data center are restricted from using social networking websites, downloading or uploading personal documents or taking out any print-outs. In general, we have implemented every necessary step for ensuring that confidentiality of data is maintained at any cost.


While choosing a medical transcription company it is always important to have performed the necessary research on the fundamentals. As a company we have been functional for over a decade now which provides us with a huge exposure to the broken segments and challenging sectors of this work.

• Low Price: owing to our professionalism we have been able to keep our medical transcription outsourcing prices on the lower side. This enables us to interact with a pool of larger clients from different medical institutes.
• Medical transcription outsourcing within a stipulated budget: Yet another fundamental that allows us the edge over the others has been our ability to work under strict deadlines and under a low budget. This makes us fundamental holders to the best medical transcription projects with services rendering to affordable medical transcription outsourcing.
• Adherence to quality and accuracy: The professional nature of the job calls in for supreme quality analysis and accuracy at the same time. Our professionally managed projects have been witness to impeccable and prudent quality alongside a 99% accuracy rate, which is deemed to be the best in the industry.

The above factors not only contribute towards making us the lowest price medical transcription service in Australia, but also help the clients in their pursuit of the best and the most affordable.


Medical Transcription Outsourcing Prices

At Medical Transcription Outsourcing company, our prices are economical and affordable. An interesting fact is that we are 100% transparent about our pricing. So even before you actually assign work to us, you can calculate beforehand how much the total project would cost you. In this context, it can be mentioned that outsourcing your requirements to us would cost you less, as compared to setting up your own in-house team.

We, at Medical Transcription Outsourcing company believe that professionalism and not aggressive marketing will bring us closer to our clients. Consequently, we work very hard for ensuring that the highest quality standard is maintained in every situation. Furthermore, we respect the deadline and are transparent about pricing as well.

We are the best Medical Transcription Outsourcing company that you can get! Medical Transcription Outsourcing company are available via phone, email or chat. For further details about Medical Transcription Outsourcing, call us now!