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medical transcription services


Medical Transcription Service


Medical transcription service can be described as the process via which voice-recorded medical reports are converted by experts into text format. We, at Company Name offer an extensive range of medical transcription services that fulfill the requirements of domestic and international clients. Our solutions are completely client-centered and we extend our services to various types of clients, ranging from private practitioners, hospitals, emergency clinics and ambulatory centers. Since our inception, we have striven to provide our clients with best Medical Transcription Service and accordingly, our track record proves our sincerity and commitment towards the healthcare profession. Our team consists of the best people in the industry who are experienced and undergo rigorous in-house training for fulfilling professional requirements on time. For avoiding any unwanted situations, we also do background screening of our potential employees.


Our Medical Transcription Services


Our company was founded with the aim of providing industry leadership in the medical transcription service industry. Accordingly, we offer a wide-range of high-quality services that include Legal Transcription Services. Financial Transcription, Insurance Transcription Services, Business Transcription Services and STAT Transcription. We ensure that all our Medical Transcription Service are innovative, customized and most importantly, fulfill unique requirements of our clients.


Medical Transcription Service Goals


We, at Company Name offer finest Medical Transcription Service and aim to fulfill the following goals:

  1. • Providing doctors with correct information about patients and the type of care offered to them until now.
    • Ensure timely collaboration among healthcare specialists so that quality of patient care isn’t compromised in any way.
    • Improve the overall well-being of patients.
    • Quick turnaround time that usually ranges from 5 to 24 hours.

Medical Transcription Service Infrastructure


We possess state-of-the art infrastructure that are designed to offer scalable and cost-effective solutions to national and international clients. We also ensure that our infrastructure is updated as and when required. Our current infrastructure includes:

  1. • A dedicated server that comes with 128-bit encryption.
    • Fast Internet connectivity.
    • A library that consist of latest reference documents.
    • Daily and regular backup arrangements.

Medical Transcription Service Pricing


Unlike our competitors, we don’t like to flaunt the ‘lowest price’ tag. This is because we believe that quality is compromised when services are offered at shockingly low prices. On the contrary, what we strictly adhere to is the ‘transparent pricing’ policy. Before opting our Medical Transcription Service, you can request us for a quote and we will be happy to provide you the same. In case of any clarification, you can get in touch with us on our toll-free number.


Another interesting feature of our company is that we offer free trial for our clients. If you want to go for a free trial with us, first you have to register with us. Next, you need to send us the dictation. Within 24 hours, we will complete the transcription process and send back the document to you.


We accept various modes of payment that include debit card, NEFT, checks and PayPal. At Company Name, we ensure the highest degree of quality control, unique solutions and confidentiality. For any queries regarding our Medical Transcription Service, please get in touch with us. We will provide answers to all your questionsrelated to Medical Transcription Service.


Our goals and infrastructure


Like every other company we have been firm on our mission and vision. We aspire towards prudency in our line of work and thrive at providing the best workflow without any form of fiasco. Leading in the segment of medical transcription services Australia we have been firm in our vision to be at the zenith of glory in the coming years.


We are always on the lookout to ensure that our medical transcription service goals reflect our agenda with utmost clarity. We are always accountable for the work that we perform and similarly in the field of medical transcription we ensure that our work never yields any form of distress for the clients.


Our medical transcription service infrastructure is yet another major asset which has been allowing us to consistently perform in accordance with the expectations of the client. It has been a major contributor towards the phenomenal success that we have been able to rake in over the years. The modern infrastructure allows us to perform the task with premium efficiency whereby we have been able to rope in the best medical transcription projects of all time. In order to get medical transcription projects it is absolutely important that the team is consistent and accountable for.


These qualities make us trustworthy and it is always important that the clients have faith in us. Our vision for the long run depicts our nature which is enthusiastic and wilful of taking up any major challenge. We ensure that we put in the best effort towards any job that we undertake and always deliver as par excellence.